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Managing Virtual Teams

Today’s world of work is global as well as diverse, with employees based across the US as well as overseas. This global reach requires employees to work collaboratively in virtual teams from Boise to Beijing and beyond- which presents leaders with challenges that demand adjustments to traditional management practices that may have worked well in the past. Today’s business leaders and managers need to master new communication skills that produce effective team results across multiple offices and time zones. More importantly, cross-cultural technology and customs as well as the sensitivities of a multi-generational and multi-cultural work force must be understood in order to achieve optimum success.

Learning Dynamics’ “Managing Virtual Teams” e-module closely examines the critical cross-border and cross-cultural issues that leaders, supervisors and managers will face in a highly diverse and globalized workforce. This is an e-module specifically designed to suit the needs of each client. Content includes the presentation of custom-designed, industry-specific case studies (crafted with client input), and real-world examples that will be analyzed and discussed.


New for 2016: Managing Virtual Teams Webinar. This 90-minute webinar is conducted live by Learning Dynamics Consultants. It is the perfect supplement to the e-Module. Participants can complete the e-Module and then the live webinar, which will allow them to ask questions and hear directly from others who have been effective in virtual team settiings. 

Topics Covered:

  • Traits of Successful Virtual Teams
  • Setting Expectations and Holding Employees Accountable
  • Understanding and Accepting Challenges for Remote Employees
  • Communication Techniques to Overcome Barriers
  • Team Dynamics in a Virtual Environment
  • Maintaining Motivation and Morale
  • Building Cooperation Between Multi-Location Groups


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders




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