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Change Mastery

Change is perhaps the only constant nowadays in many organizations.  Yet change is often difficult for people, causing high levels of confusion, frustration, and stress.  “Change Mastery” helps employees understand what specifically is changing, realize that their reactions to change are normal, and explore ways that they can master change by focusing on areas they can influence and control.


Facilitated group discussions encourage employees to share their thoughts and concerns as well as share tips to help each other. The workshop also includes customized case studies that align with the organization’s culture. 


Available in Spanish

Topics Covered:

  • Individual Reactions to Change and Transition
  • Successful Change Strategies You’ve Used In the Past
  • The Three Phases of Transition and Reactions During Each Phase
  • Areas of Control, Influence and No Control
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Managing Your Stress Level



Varies Based on Client Need




Group Discussions, Exercises, Case Studies, Lecturettes, Self-Evaluation, and Workbook


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