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Delegate as Directed™

Delegation is difficult for managers and executives.  They often have a difficult time "letting go" of key project tasks, believing they must do everything themselves to be sure it "gets done right." Managers with a technical background have a particularly hard time relinquishing project tasks to staff.

The "Delegate as Directed™" program teaches managers the benefits of successful delegation, which include empowering staff, building trust, and more efficient time management.


Available in Spanish

Topics Covered:

  • Technicians versus Managers
  • Reasons Managers don't Delegate
  • 5 Step Process for Delegating
  • Delegation Conversations
  • When Delegation goes Wrong
  • Empowerment of Employees


Varies Based on Client Need


Managers or Executives


In-basket Exercise, Case Study, Lecturettes, Skills Inventories, Workbook, Job Aid


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