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Delivering Persuasive Sales Presentations

This program provides sales professionals with skills to use in a number of sales presentation settings. 

Master the art of face-to-face, virtual, and phone communication for productive sales calls. Learn techniques on delivering information in a persuasive manner.  This interactive workshop is designed to be of particular interest to sales staff whose success often depends on how well they communicate with prospects and clients.


Available in Spanish

Topics Covered:

  • Beginning with Impact
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Projecting Enthusiasm and Credibility
  • The Power and Potential Pitfalls of PowerPoint
  • Using the Feel/Felt/Found Technique
  • Emphasizing Benefits, not Features
  • Flexing Your Communication Style with Prospects
  • Dealing with Objections
  • The Power of Stories


Varies Based on Client Need


Sales Professionals


Group Discussions, Case Studies,Self-Assessment, Lecturettes, Videotaped Presentations, and Workbook


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