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ESL for the Workplace

ESL for the Workplace is designed to improve communication, productivity, teamwork and customer service by giving your employees the tools they need to be successful. The Learning Dynamics consultative approach includes an inventory of your organization’s most common and necessary communication vehicles and topics. Content is customized to incorporate your company’s SOPs, posters, programs and tasks. It can also include business forms, computer applications and customer service scenarios. This organizational-content approach maximizes training effectiveness by being very relevant to your employees.


Pre-training assessment identifies your employees’ English proficiency to place them in the appropriate skill group. On-site classes can be delivered to students in the various skill groups ranging from low English proficiency to intermediate mastery. Skills tested include reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Once employees are categorized by their skills levels, training is delivered in classroom settings and in small-group tutoring environments (pairs and trios).

Topics Covered:

  • English for the Workplace
  • Safety and Security Language
  • Understanding Your Business Tools
  • General English Language Proficiency


Varies Based on Client Need


Employees at any level needing ESL development


Group Discussions, Exercises, Take-Away Job-Specific Activities, Small-Group Tutoring, Lecturettes, Job Aids, Workbooks


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