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Manager's Engagament Playbook

Studeis continue to show the strong correlation between employee engagement and such factors as productivity, reduced turnover, and team effectiveness. The “Manager’s Engagement Playbook” workshop provides leaders and managers with strategies and tools to increase the levels of employee engagement.

The program first looks at the organizations initiatives to increase engagement, followed by action items each manager can implement. Participants complete an Engagement Action plan they can implement with their teams.


This program can also be used as a follow-up to an organization’s employee engagement survey, aligning the content with the survey results.


Course content and instruction available in Spanish


Topics Covered:

  • Essential  Elements and ROI of Engagement/ROI of Disengagement
  • The Organization’s Current Approach to Engagement
  • Engagement Factors for Each of the Generations
  • Critical Organizational and Managerial Initiatives that Directly Impact Engagement Levels
  • Practices of Industry Leaders Noted for Strong Employee Engagement
  • Employee Engagment Blueprint and Action Planning


Varies Based on Client Need


Managemers and Supervisors


Discussions, Self-Assessment, Lecturettes, Video Segments, Case Studies and Workbook


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