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Maximizing Sales through Consultative Selling

Effective sales people recognize that customers buy for a variety of reasons. This highly interactive workshop presents a competitive sales strategy for understanding a customer's needs, creating customized solutions and making recommendations that meets those needs. Participants learn how to determine customer needs using probing open-ended questions. Building trust with customers provides an easy entree to the sales process - thereby avoiding the stigma of "pushy" or "artificial" selling. The importance of picking up on cues and cross-selling is also covered.

Customized case studies are aligned with the organization's products and services.


Available in Spanish

Topics Covered:

  • Conceptual Selling Process
  • Using Open-Ended Questions to Probe
  • Emphasizing Benefits Instead of Features
  • Link Between Benefits and Need Satisfaction Selling
  • Learning to Pick Up on Customer Cues- Cross-Selling Strategies
  • Techniques for Cold Calling
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Strategies for Dealing with Different Customer Styles


Varies Based on Client Need


Employees and Sales Managers


Group Discussions, Exercises, Lecturettes, and Workbook


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