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Motivating High Performance Teams

Managers entrusted with building and sustaining high performance teams must have patience, understanding, self-awareness, team awareness, and must successfully apply the “basics” of organizational development to ensure the team’s success.  The ability to create a unifying bond within the team strengthens the cohesiveness of the team through positive interaction.  Although this approach requires commitment, it pays handsome dividends.  It fosters collaboration and trust and focuses on collective goal attainment from all the team members.

Motivating High Performance Teams” examines the elements that establish and support effective team initiatives.  Participants have an opportunity to confidentially assess the effectiveness of their teams and share ideas about how to inspire high performance teams that possess the drive to attain the highest levels of achievement.


Available in Spanish

Topics Covered:

  • Characteristics of Effective Work Teams
  • Assessing Team Effectiveness
  • Developing SMART Team Goals
  • Maxwell's Laws of Teamwork
  • Getting Teams Unstuck
  • The Basics of Good Team Leadership
  • Team Problem Solving Model and Exercise
  • What You Can Do to Foster a Team Oriented Environment


Varies Based on Client Need


Supervisors & Managers


Workbook, Video, and Exercises


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