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Social Media Usage and Etiquette in the Workplace

With today’s proliferation of social media, it is important that managers and employees portray themselves in a positive and professional manner. Social Media Usage and Etiquette in the Workplace reinforces an organization’s social media policy.  The manager version also can address the potential use of social media in the recruiting process, and the associated risks. 


The program content is customized for each client based on their specific social media guidelines and employee population. 


Available in Spanish

Topics Covered:

  • Organization's  Social Media and/or Electronic Communication Policy
  • What Social Media Includes
  • Social Media Professionalism
  • Personal Responsibilities and Alignment with Code of Conduct
  • Topics to Avoid in One’s Posts that Can Inflame Others  
  • Avoiding  Racial, Ethnic, Religious, Sexual and Disability Content
  • Refraining from "TMI" in One's Posts
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to Network
  • Forbidden Divulgence of Confidential Company Information and Intellectual Property
  • Demonstrating Respect  for Posting while on Company Time


Varies Based on Client Need (available in webinar and classroom formats)


Managers and Employees


Discussions, Self-Assessment, Examples, Case Studies 

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