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Thought Leadership: Three Critical Skills

Leaders exist in every organization.  But what differentiates good leaders from great leaders?  Who are the leaders you would follow no matter what the circumstances.  The way great leaders think and address problems and issues are often differentiators.

Thisworkshop delves deeply into the three critical skills of thought leadership – strategic thinking, critical thinking and innovative thinking.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of Thinking:  What They Are, Why They Are Important and When to Apply Them
  • Key Components of Each Critical Skill including, but limited to, Vision/Mission/Values, 6-Step Decision-Making Model, Mind Mapping and Thinking Outside of the Box
  • Thinking Characteristics including Future Focus, Inference, Explanation, Evaluation, Self Regulation, and Collaborative Idea Generation
  • Tools and Techniques including, but not limited to, SWOT Analysis, Visioning, Identifying/Challenging Assumptions, Reframing, Six Hats, and Creative Problem-Solving Model


1.5 Days (can be offered as spaced learning with three half-days with time in between sessions)


Senior Leaders and Managers


Assessment, Group Discussions, Exercises, Case Studies, Lecturette, and Workbook


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